The 10 Most Bizarre And WTF Stories Of 2017

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James Felton 30 Dec 2017, 20:29

8) There Was A Concerning Spike In People Searching For "Why Do My Eyes Hurt" Just After The Eclipse

The eclipse was one of the more fun science stories of the year. Whether you're an astrophysicist or a small child, we can all agree that the Moon moving in front of the Sun is pretty awesome.

Unfortunately, despite many warnings not to, it seems there were a lot of people who looked directly at the Sun during the eclipse. It wasn't just the POTUS.  

Just after the eclipse, there was an uptick in searches for terms such as "eclipse headache" and "eyes hurt".

Google Trends chart showing how much more searches on these terms were searched, relative to how much this term is usually searched for.

In fact, a lot of related terms seem to have had more traffic on the day of the eclipse, including the phrase "looking at the Sun" and the vastly more specific phrase "I looked at the Sun". You all don't deserve an eclipse. 

Check out this article for more info and this article from Quartz, which takes a closer look at how Google Trends assemble this data. 

7) White Supremacists Took Ancestry Tests, Only To Discover They Aren't As Genetically "White" As They Thought

2017 has been a horrifying year filled with white supremacists being terrible human beings. They've done some awful things this year, but let's not forget another moment of stupidity.

Some white supremacists took a genetic test to prove how white they are to their white supremacist friends, only to find out they're not as white as they thought they were (spoiler: nobody is). 

The white nationalist forum responded in a variety of ways, including racists getting angry at other racists for not quite being white enough genetically.

After one person revealed they were “61 percent European”, another person replied: “I've prepared you a drink. It's 61 percent pure water. The rest is potassium cyanide… Cyanide isn’t water, and YOU are not White.”

The forum saw some people being kicked out because they aren't "white enough". Whilst obviously it doesn't matter where the hell you came from, genetically or otherwise, it's fun to see some white supremacists losing their minds after finding out their true origins.

They also spent time in the forum trying to debunk the validity of the tests themselves. Read more about their dismay here

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