The 10 Most Bizarre And WTF Stories Of 2017

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This year in science has been absolutely incredible. There's been black hole mergers, the death dive of Cassini, and massive scientific advancements in all fields.

However, 2017 was also the year that the FDA warned people not to eat their own body parts, the Flat Earth Society held a conference for their members from around the globe, and a woman became pregnant whilst already pregnant.

Without any further ado, here are the weirdest, funniest stories from a spectacularly bizarre year in science. 

10) An Image Of A Man Killed In Pompeii Went Viral, Because It Looked Like He Was Involved In An Act Of Self-Love When He Died

The remains of around 1,150 people have been found from the aftermath of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 CE. Amongst the dead, there are families huddling together and two men embracing as they died.

Then there was this guy, who went viral for obvious reasons. People speculated that he was preserved in one final act of self-love, because, well, it really does look like that might be the case.


We will probably never know what the man was really doing, but it's possible the man was killed whilst masturbating. However, it's also possible his body fell like this naturally.

Theories on how Pompeii victims died suggest many were killed instantly in a blast of hot gas. A study in 2001 looked at 80 skeletons and found signs that the victims close to the eruption were killed before they felt any pain.

"[There were no signs of a] voluntary self-protective reaction or agony contortions, indicating that their vital organs must have stopped within a shorter time than the conscious reaction time," said Dr Alberto Incoronato of the University of Naples Federico II, as reported by The Telegraph. "The cloud was a mixture of hot gas and ash. It caused little damage in the town itself but killed these people instantly."

Other victims were killed by falling debris in collapsed buildings or possibly by suffocating in the ash. However, the lack of debris found around the "masturbating man" and the fact that he isn't covering his face seems to suggest that he was one of those who died instantly, without ever seeing it coming. 

On the other hand, it could just be an embarrassing position that his body wound up in. 

“Most of the human victims found in Pompeii often show ‘strange’ position of arms and legs, due to the contraction of limbs as a consequence of the heat effect on their bodies after death occurred," Volcanologist Pier Paolo Petrone told The Daily Dot.

Poor guy.

9) Moron Decides To Tease Enormous Alligator While Dressed As A T-Rex


In "why the hell would they do that" news, a man decided to put on a T-rex costume and taunt an alligator... as you do. The 35-year-old in the costume said that he couldn't see out of the suit, which would probably put most people off from taunting an alligator. Not this guy.

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