Stunning Images Of The Natural World For The Royal Society Photo Awards

'Icy sugar cubes' - overall winner and winner: Earth Science and Climatology. Peter Convey/British Antarctic Survey

Micro-imaging Winner: "Olive oil drop family hanging together" by Hervé Elettro/University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris, France). Surface tension, the ability of a fluid to oppose deformation, allows droplets to swallow any fiber made slack under compression, thus tightening the web against natural elements. A first step in the understanding of this mechanism was to use a model system for capture silk: drops on a thin soft fiber. The hanging olive oil drop family was born. 
Honorable mention: Earth Science and Climatology. "Pele's fire" by Sabrina Koehler/University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Honorable mention: Ecology and Environmental Science. "The rainy season, the green tree frog, and the maintenance of life'" by Carlos Jared/Instituto Butantan, Cell Biology Laboratory, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Honorable mention: Micro-imaging. "Acari trapped in spiderweb" by Bernardo Segura/University of Chile
Runner up: Earth Science and Climatology. "Bow first" by Giuseppe Suaria/ISMAR-CNR (Institute of Marine Sciences - National Research Council), La Spezia, Italy
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