Short Men Really Are More Aggressive - But Not In The Way You Think


Rachel Baxter 10 May 2018, 13:24

Next, 21 pairs of men played the Dictator Game against each other. They were introduced before the game and told they were each other’s opponents. They were given chips representing 10-cent coins and could decide how many they kept for themselves. They then played another game – the Ultimatum Game – which was similar to the Dictator Game except the players could see how much money their opponent had allocated to them and accept or reject the offer. Rejection led to neither participant receiving any money.

The researchers found that short men were more likely to keep more money if their opponent was taller only in the Dictator Game. The shortest men kept an average of 14 out of 18 coins for themselves, but the tallest man only kept nine.

However, smaller men weren’t greedier in the Ultimatum Game, nor were they aggressive in another game that involved spiking their opponent’s drink with hot chili sauce.

Therefore, the researchers concluded that short men are more likely to alter their behavior to secure resources when they feel physically less competitive, but only when there are no repercussions.  

So, short guys might not be more aggressive to your face, but they might try and sneakily get ahead if they’re feeling a bit small.

[H/T: New Scientist]

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