Scientists Are Running For Congress Because "The Future Hangs In The Balance"

Nonprofit political action committee 314 Action is sending scientists to Washington. Mark Wilson/Getty Images

In military nomenclature, this is known as a decapitation strike – an effort to take out the leadership of the enemy in one single hit. If the Committee does slip out of control of the GOP, this would be an enormous win for scientists and pro-scientific politicians across America.

314 think that scientists are the ideal candidates to run for office regardless of why they’ve chosen to do so.

“Scientists are used to collaborating. They don’t argue with facts – they stand with facts, unlike lawyers, who are trained to just argue their point of view,” Morrow tells us. 

“This is why nothing is getting done in Washington,” he adds. “We need more diverse backgrounds getting involved in the process.”

Patrick Madden, a computer scientist running for Congress. Madden for Congress

Congress is anything but diverse. There are many ways in which this is true, but just take a look at their professional backgrounds. Most of them are lawyers, and at present, there is just one physicist, one chemist, one microbiologist, and one engineer representing the country at the Capitol. Scientists are massively underrepresented.

Notably, all of the candidates working with 314 are affiliated with the generally pro-science Democratic Party. Wondering if there have been any Republicans signing up, we’re told that there “have been a few,” but Morrow clarifies that at present, they won’t support any GOP candidates.

“Until the GOP agenda moderates itself, there is no way we can support any candidates at the moment. If there was a really good one we would consider it, but it terms of the organization’s support, it’s just Democrats for the time being.”

314 aren’t blinded by delusions of grandeur. They’re aware that in terms of funding and running for office, they are up against powerful forces that will cling on to power at any cost.

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