This Was The Most Watched Pornography Of 2018

Kim Kardashian is still the world's favorite 'reality' star. Maddas/Shutterstock

The last year has been one for the books, and Pornhub’s 2018 data certainly reflects all of the emotions. The porn site’s sixth annual recap of everything that got the world off in the last 12 months shows not just the trends and types of porn we all love to watch, but also the searches, people, and events that made us all sit back, kick off our shoes, and – erm – relax.

Visits to the free porn site increased by 5 billion, totaling more than 33.5 billion visits in the last year for an average of about 92 million visitors at the time the data was published. That equates to around 30.3 billion searchers or 962 per second. Altogether, 4.79 million new videos equating to more than 1 million hours were uploaded to the site.

The world over, Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape is still the most watched video of all time at 195 million views. Otherwise, the porn site says top searches were influenced by mainstream media and events going on in the world. Take, for example, infamous pornstar and the sitting president’s alleged mistress Stormy Daniels, who topped the charts for most searched personality. Every time she was in the news, searches surged. Fortnite also dominated the year’s top searches. Every time a new character was released, the site’s searches went up. In fact, when the multi-player video game server crashed in April, the porn site saw searches increase by as much as 60 percent over a 24-hour period. #TrueFans

Other changing trends seen in 2018 include a need for better quality porn, with more folks searching for “4k” ultra-HD, as well as increases in searches for porn that involves “trans” people, the “outdoors,” “tattoos,” “Tinder,” and – last but certainly not least – the classic “threesome.” Generally speaking, this year’s most popular searches didn’t change. It appears the world just can’t get enough lesbian, hentai, MILF, and stepmom porn.

Again, the US visits Pornhub the most with the highest daily visitors, followed by the UK, India, Japan, Canada, France, and Germany.

Visitors are lasting longer than ever before as well, growing by 14 seconds in 2018 to 10 minutes and 13 seconds. The Philippines topped the list, increasing their average time by 22 seconds to just under 14 minutes (although that could have to do with broadband and bandwidth speeds). The best time to watch porn it seems is just before bed, between 10pm and 2am while most of the world prefers to watch porn using a phone. Viewing numbers went up on holidays like Labor Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and naturally Valentine’s Day.

Of course, this is just a generalized summation of the world’s horny habits over the last year. Head on over to Pornhub’s insights blog to check out a full load of details, including a country-by-country breakdown and a more in-depth categorical breakdown (which includes a few that we intentionally left unsaid).



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