Pittsburgh Just Had A Pretty Hilarious (And Inspiring) Response To Trump's Paris Agreement Speech

During President Trump's recent speech in which he announced his intention to exit the Paris Agreement, he made the slightly bizarre argument that he was "elected by voters of Pittsburgh, not Paris". We're reasonably confident he understands that the agreement was simply signed in Paris, it's not solely for the benefit of the city's inhabitants - but one can never be quite sure these days.

Pittsburgh has other ideas. The mayor of the city had this to say.







It's worth pointing out that Pittsburgh isn't the only US city that has pledged to uphold the Paris Agreement in spite of Trump's decision. More than 70 mayors, including those of Los Angeles and New York City, vowed to “forge ahead even in the absence of federal support” in an open letter.

In a day that's been almost entirely doom and gloom, it's a relief to know that many of our major cities will be stepping up to fight climate change, despite the plans of the President. 


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