Meet The Cancer Researcher Running For Congress

Westin, pictured here alongside his wife, also a researcher and surgeon, and his children, at a recent March For Science event. Westin For Congress

Trump has recently demanded that in the 2018 federal budget, another $600 billion will be cut from Medicaid – a total of nearly $1.5 trillion.

“This bill is essentially how to give an enormous tax cut to the wealthier Americans, and kick not-so-wealthy Americans off their insurance.”

“It really resonated with me, someone who understands first-hand the troubles people have with healthcare already – I can’t just stand by and watch this happen to people like my patients. I had to do something more.”

Westin’s background may seem completely removed from the maelstrom of cloak-and-dagger politics, but it’s not difficult to see why he’s made the decision to step up and take on the Republicans directly.

Studying microbiology as an undergraduate, he soon moved onto medical school – and his decision to do so was largely driven by his love of solving puzzles and the gratification he felt after completing them.

“Medicine is the natural extension of that for me. I can take care of people, and in this case, the puzzles result in helping another person,” he tells us. “Every patient is a challenge, a new and different scenario to unpack, decipher, and take on – a new puzzle to solve.”

Describing cancer as “one of the hardest puzzles to solve,” Westin opted to train at one of the best cancer research hospitals in the country, in order to develop his skills, to plan, launch and conduct clinical trials. “My top priority is taking care of patients,” he said.

Quickly, his abilities were noticed by top-tier professionals. He’s officially an award-winning researcher at the head of an accolade-laden research team – one that he took over at the relatively young age of 37. His star was rising, and fast.

Medical research funding is facing enormous cuts. SpotmatikLTD/Shutterstock

“I had a large team of other doctors, of translational science researchers, of pathologists, big level providers, research nurses, support staff, cancer researchers and even a few accountants under me,” he explains.

Using pioneering techniques, and trials that he has spent years personally crafting, his primary target has been lymphoma, a common blood cancer with two primary variants that cause tens of thousands of deaths in the US every single year.

Westin is currently on the frontline of the fight against this disease, but now the time has come to move onto another battlefield with an entirely different foe.

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