Investigators Claim To Have Uncovered The True Identity Of DB Cooper

An FBI illustration of the suspect, a mysterious man who came to be known as DP Cooper. FBI

Seattle Pi reports that the investigation team has obtained five typed letters, alleged sent by DB Cooper to newspapers in the days following the hijacking, that have recently been released by the FBI through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The fifth letter starts by saying: “I knew from the start I wouldn’t get caught."

Most crucially, there’s a series of numbers at the bottom of the letter. Tom Colbert, TV producer and lead investigator, said one of the team’s code-breakers noticed the sequence and found corresponding code in an LA Times newspaper archive. This code, the investigators claim, relates three Army units served in by a man they have suspected for numerous years, Robert Rackstraw, a 74-year-old Vietnam vet first pegged as a suspect in 1978. 

Rackstraw stringently denies these allegations, although independent experts believe the team might be onto something.

"I think the coding thing is remarkable, but I'm a hard skeptic," Dorwin Schreuder, a former FBI agent who worked on the case in the early 1980s, told Seattle Pi. "The circumstances of those codes being what Tom says they are, that he says nobody but him would know these units and these figures, if it's true that's pretty hard to argue against."

It's certainly not "case closed" just yet, but the investigators remain confident they have got their man.


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