Investigators Claim To Have Uncovered The True Identity Of DB Cooper

An FBI illustration of the suspect, a mysterious man who came to be known as DP Cooper. FBI

Investigators have got their hands on a set of new documents that they believe has confirmed the identity of DB Cooper, one of the great antiheroes of modern history.

The 40-strong team of former FBI agents, forensic scientists, and private investigators claim to have found a secret code within a letter written by the parachuting bandit, revealing his true identity as a 74-year-old Vietnam veteran currently living in San Diego. The new discovery keeps in line with their previous work outlined in the book The Last Master Outlaw.

Here's how the story goes: On Thanksgiving eve, November 24, 1971, a Northwest Airlines flight set off from Portland bound for Seattle. Shortly after taking off, a smartly dressed man lit a cigarette and ordered a bourbon with soda. According to the FBI's story, he approached one of the flight attendants and informed her that he was armed with a bomb, then stated his demands of $200,000, four parachutes, and a fuel truck on standby in Seattle.

Just before 6pm, the aircraft touched down at Seattle-Tacoma Airport. The man received their side of the deal, a knapsack of banknotes, and some parachutes, so he ordered all the frenzied passengers off the plane while it refueled, before telling the remaining crew to head towards Mexico City. Once the plane was back at its desired altitude, the man parachuted out and was never seen again.

The countless officials and civilian investigations have generated an ever-mounting list of potential suspects, however, this latest breakthrough claims to be the closest guess yet.

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