Here Are Some “Great Mysteries” That Everyone Forgets Were Actually Solved Years Ago

Spoiler: very few aliens were involved in the construction of ancient monuments. Ursatii/Shutterstock

Humans are a curious bunch. In their never-ending quest to make sense of an increasingly confusing world, they love nothing more than to sink their teeth into the great mysteries and unanswered questions of our time: What happened to Amelia Earhart? Who was Jack the Ripper? How the hell did they draw the giant Nazca Lines of Peru?

However, not all of the “mysteries” that fill our collective imagination are mysterious at all. A fair number of the stories that are widely perceived to be unanswered enigmas were actually solved long ago or perhaps were never mysterious in the first place.

Sorry for spoiling the party, folks.

The Bloop From The Murky Depths Of The Ocean

In 1997, a freak noise blasted deep in the south Pacific Ocean: “BLOOP”.

The noise, which sounds like a giant water droplet plopping into a bath of water, was picked up by a number of perplexed researchers over 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles) away. Whatever it was, it was mighty loud, but that was about all they knew.

Unsurprisingly, many people believed it was the echoes of mermaids. Even scientists wondered whether it could be evidence of a vast, perhaps unknown, marine beastie.

It turned out, it wasn’t mermaids or a Kraken. It wasn’t even a giant squid. The NOAA quickly figured out that the now-famous Bloop sound was consistent with the wavelength created when giant icebergs that are cracking produce icequakes.

What Happened To Princess Anastasia?

The Romanovs, the Russian Royal family, in 1914.  Everett Historical/Shutterstock

In the small hours of July 17, 1918, the Bolsheviks bundled the deposed Russian Tsar Nicholas II, his family, and his staff into a cellar where they were shot, bayoneted, and beaten to death (among other things).

Thanks to some misplaced bodies and a certain Disney film, many are under the impression that Anastasia, the youngest daughter of the Tsar, made an escape just before the fateful execution and started a new life. Over the 20th century, dozens of women claimed to be the lost princess, seeking fame and fortune.

Unfortunately, we now know that Anastasia’s fate wasn’t so romantic. In 1991, nine skeletal remains were found in a mass grave in the forest outside Yekaterinburg, not far from where the family was under house arrest. Still, DNA evidence revealed that two of the skeletons – son Alexei and one of the daughters (Maria or Anastasia) – were missing.

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