Flat Earthers Have A Theory For What Happens If You Fall Off The Edge: The Pacman Theory Of Earth

Flat-Earthers from around the globe have gathered once again for a conference. Over 200 people attended the conference in Birmingham, UK, hundreds of years after people first circumnavigated the Earth, and thousands of years after we discovered that it was round.

As you'd expect from flat-Earth conspiracy theorists, there were many strange theories at the conference. When you're claiming that the Earth is a big circle rather than a sphere, your theory needs a lot of other weird sub-theories to back it up.

Hence why people claim that there is a wall around the Earth, or that rocket launches are faked by shooting them in reverse.

This conference was no exception. One speaker even explained how we're all living in a Pac-Man world.


One speaker at the conference said that he had proved that gravity doesn't exist.

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