"Final" Report On Flight MH370's Disappearance Only Deepens The Mystery

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Rosie McCall 01 Aug 2018, 10:16

While he was quick to say he was not ruling it out, Kok did say two psychiatrists had examined the audio recordings and CCTV footage of the pilot before the crash and found no evidence of anxiety or stress. Background checks on all the passengers also came back showing a clean bill of health.

Which all seems to suggest the report does more to dismiss certain theories than it does to provide some sort of conclusion to the mystery. Kok told reporters, the only way it can be solved is if the wreckage is found and that seems unlikely – so far, only three wing fragments found on the Indian Ocean coast are definitely from the aircraft, Reuters reports. 

What we do know is that flight MH370 made satellite contact seven times in the six hours after the plane left radar screens, the final time suggests the plane's location was near the Australian coast in the South Indian Ocean. The very last thing heard from the flight is a goodnight message from the pilot. ("Good night, Malaysian three seven zero.”) We now also know that the flight's four emergency locator transmitters malfunctioned so that they did not trigger signals that may have helped locate the Boeing 777.  

According to Malaysia's Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, the search will not be continued unless new evidence is found.

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