Each Year The Government Asks 10 Simple Questions To Test The Public's Knowledge Of Science. Can You Correctly Answer Them All?

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Question 6:

True or False? Lasers work by focusing sound waves.

The correct answer…

False. Lasers concentrate light waves, not sound waves.

How the US and other nations did:

Question 7:

True or False? The universe began with a huge explosion.

The correct answer…

True (with a caveat). This is the best theory that we have as to how the universe began: a point of infinite density at the beginning of the universe began to expand and created the galaxies, planets, and stars that we see – still in motion – today.
People call this "the Big Bang," though it's not technically an explosion.
"For an explosion to occur, it requires per-existing space and the material will be distributed or scattered in that space. For example, a star explodes and distributes material in the space," Nabin Rijal, a PhD student in nuclear astrophysics Florida State University, wrote in an email to Business Insider.
"The Big Bang is very different than that. It is the expansion of space itself. Materials (elementary particles-antiparticles) are created in the process of expansion. […] So, calling it an explosion would be wrong."

How the US and other nations did:

Question 8:

True or False? It is the father's gene that decides whether the baby is a boy or girl.

The correct answer…

True. Sex is determined by two chromosomes, and sperm carries one of them: either an X (female) chromosome or a Y (male) chromosome. Whichever sperm makes it to the egg first to join an X chromosome in the mother's egg determines the baby's sex.
(XX is a girl and XY is a boy, anatomically speaking.)

How the US and other nations did:

Question 9:

True or False? Antibiotics kill viruses as well as bacteria.

The correct answer…

False. Antibiotics only kill bacteria, not viruses.

How the US and other nations did:
Question 10:

True or False? Human beings, as we know them today, developed from earlier species of animals.

The correct answer…

True. Fossils in the ground, genetic studies, and other research over the past century has shown again and again that evolution not only gave rise to species like humans, but will continue to shape the forms of our descendants.

How the US and other nations did:

Here's how all 11 nations performed across all of the science questions:


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