Betsy DeVos Picked As President-Elect Donald Trump's Education Secretary

Betsy Devos, seen here with president-elect Trump. a katz/Shutterstock

After a few weeks of speculation, it looks like President-electTrump has finally picked the education secretary for his incoming administration: Betsy DeVos.

Two weeks ago, bets were on Dr Ben Carson to be picked, a highly qualified neurosurgeon who simultaneously believed the Earth was no older than 10,000 years old. He also once said the Biblical figure Joseph built the Egyptian pyramids to store grain. As you can imagine, the scientific community was pretty stressed about the idea of this guy setting education policy.

However, it looks like he's been trumped. This week it’s been officially announced the lesser-known figure of Betsy DeVos has taken the post. 

Whoever is in the hot seat for the Education Secretary plays a very important role for scientific education and science as a whole, as they have a strong say in what schools receive funding and which subjects receive attention. This can also have a subtle effect of setting the climate where science can either thrive or shrink away.

For a bit of background, DeVos is a billionaire philanthropist, known to be a generous donor to the Republican Party. She has served on numerous education philanthropy boards, although she has never professionally worked in the public education system.

She grew up as a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and was educated at Calvin College, the educational institution of the same church.

This is a protestant denomination that believes that “all scientific theories be subject to Scripture and the confessions.” It also claims that “humanity is created in the image of God; all theorizing that minimizes this fact and all theories of evolution that deny the creative activity of God are rejected.”



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