Newly Auctioned Set Of Einstein's Letters Focused On Unified Field Theories And Shy Admirers

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Another note, signed in 1925 and selling for $9,760, not addressed to anyone, simply reads: “Be pleasant to people, but indifferent to their behavior and opinions.”

The only letter in the set of nine – plus an original photograph – not to sell was a “magnificent invitation” in honor of Einstein, dating back to 1925. After delivering a series of scientific lectures in Montevideo, Uruguay, he was honored by the government and the local university there with a dinner event at the city’s Park Hotel, which featured a “festive” menu.

Impressed by the country’s natural beauty, fantastic architecture, and generally buoyant atmosphere, he added an inscription to his invite, which he gave to the country’s Foreign Minister whom he sat next to as he dined. “Souvenir of the wonderful hours we were together,” he noted.

These – and the rest of the letters – sold at auction can be viewed at the Winner’s Auctions and Exhibitions site.

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