A Few "Miracles" That Actually Have Totally Mundane Explanations

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If you want to annoy a scientist, just say the word “miracle.” That’s because most miracles aren’t exactly miraculous, per se. Every time a seemingly unexplainable event occurs, there's a strong chance that someone somewhere has put hours of blood, sweat, and tears into figuring out why.

However, this demystification of the world does not necessarily make it a duller and less interesting place – far from it. What makes the world so fascinating is what we learn about it. Besides, quite often, the truth is stranger than fiction anyway.

So, whether you take the view that we're raining on your parade or aiding you in your quest for knowledge, here’s a bunch of "miraculous" occurrences that turned out to be something way different. 

The Oracle Of Delphi And Her Mad Prophecies 

The Oracle of Delphi, the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, ancient Greece, was regularly touted for her abilities to foresee the future and often talked with the god Apollo. It turns out, the numerous women who took on the role of the Pythia, the high priestess, were probably tripping on hallucinogenic fumes.

A study from 2001 saw archaeologists head to the Delphic temple where these miraculous trances took place between 1,400 BCE  to 381 CE. Just as people had previous speculated, the temple was located along a fissure in the bedrock that was seeping ethylene gas, a known narcotic that induces a euphoric trance-like state.  

The Oracle of Delphi doing her thing (aka getting high). Heinrich Leutemann/Public Domain

Weeping Virgin Mary Statues

Over the years and across the world, there have been dozens of reports of Virgin Mary statues weeping from their eyes.  A lot of the time these weeping statues are often proven to be a hoax or practical joke designed to make a quick buck. In fact, many have even been declared fraudulent by Church officials.

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