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It’s all fun and games until the sun goes down mid-hike and you find yourself without a flashlight. It’s also not fun to wind up without clean water on a hot day. On an even more serious note, the number of natural disasters occurring all over the world has been on the rise for years, and while we certainly don’t need to live in panic, we should at least be prepared. Prepping for any of these situations can be as simple as getting an emergency kit, as long as it has the most important tools. 

Get everything experts suggest with the Aqualite Solar Powered Lantern, Water Purifier, & Basic Emergency Kit. This smart purchase ensures your family has the essentials for staying safe and well in case the power goes out or there’s no clean water to drink. Rated 4.6 stars on Amazon, consumers agree that peace of mind is worth way more than $30, which is what this kit is on sale for right now.

The solar-powered lantern does double duty: the built-in solar panel keeps it charged, and you can also use it as a flashlight by unscrewing the lid. Complete with a 2,000mAh internal battery, you can use this lantern to power up your devices like smartphones and tablets. Whether the power is out or it gets dark while you’re hiking, this lantern will come in handy. 

Another necessity: clean water. The included water bottle features a smart water purification straw inside, so you can instantly clean water and stay hydrated in any situation. This extensive emergency kit also includes alcohol wipes, adhesive bandages, plus flint and steel for starting a fire. 

Rest easy and enjoy your time outdoors knowing that you’re keeping your family safe with this comprehensive emergency kit, on sale for a limited time. Right now, you can get the Aqualite Solar Powered Lantern, Water Purifier, & Basic Emergency Kit at $29.99, down 14% from the original MSRP.

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