Code and Assemble Your Own Virtual Pet With This $110 Tamagotchi Alternative

For a limited time, you can get the CircuitPet for just $109.99, down from $119.

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If you owned a Tamagotchi when you were younger, you've probably experienced the joys (and rigors) of pet ownership without the actual hands-on care. That included feeding, playing with and cleaning up after your virtual furry friend. And just like neglecting a living, breathing pet, going days without interacting with your Tamagotchi made it feel sad, hungry and lonely.

But have you ever wondered how these digital pets came to life? It all lies in their coding and engineering, so if you have those down pat, you could essentially boast that you breathed into your own pet. But if you want to learn those skills at home, CircuitPet allows you to assemble and care for the newest member of your family, and it's on sale for $109.99.


Just like a Tomogatchi, CircuitPet lives on a tiny, handheld device, but you actually get to assemble this one yourself. The kit comes with the necessary microcomputers, real-time clocks, a TFT LCD display and other electronic components. You'll also find anatomy and build guides with over 100 photos illustrating what each part does and how to piece your CircuitPet together. All told, the vendor suggests that users 11 and older can assemble the CircuitPet in approximately three hours, making it a great weekend project to introduce STEM to your young ones. 

Once you've assembled your CircuitPet, head to the coding guide for beginner-friendly instructions on programming the device using C++ and CircuitBlocks. It comes pre-loaded with six games, allowing you to interact with and gain experience with your pet. The CircuitPet will always remain on and uses low power, so you only have to check in with it every once in a while to keep it satisfied. 

Owning a pet can be challenging yet rewarding. And while you can't raise a CircuitPet as you would a dog or cat, you can certainly learn valuable skills by owning one, or just indulge in some nostalgia from your Tamagotchi. For a limited time, you can get the CircuitPet for just $109.99, down from $119.

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