These Gorgeous Videos Filmed Through A Microscope Will Blow Your Mind

Red pigment and ammonium chloride crystals from MINIGOBLET 2/Beauty of Science/Vimeo

The Beauty of Science team have a simple mission statement: “We make beautiful science videos.” And that they do.

This four-part video series called MINIGLOBELET uses a microscope to film the minute details of various crystallizations, pigments, and chemicals reacting with each other to create some psychedelic visuals that anyone from a photographer to a chemist will enjoy.

The subject of the first film is alunite crystals, the second film is red pigment and ammonium chloride crystals, third is alcohol and pigments, and the fourth is a cocktail of color paints, alcohol, water, soft drinks, and ink remover.

Enjoy all four of them below:

[H/T: Laughing Squid]


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