Stick Man Drawing Moves Around When Splashed With Water

RM VIdeos/YouTube

With a splash of water, this doodled stick man appears to come to life until it subsequently swirls into a rippling mess.

Believe it or not, the video reportedly isn’t fancy camera work or animation skills. Instead, it seems like it is drawn using a dry-erase marker or a whiteboard marker. The pen likely contains ink that is insoluble to water, so it’s able to lift off the surface without dispersing or smearing. 

That said, a handful of people on Reddit tried it out for themselves (hopefully after asking their mom for permission to draw on the kitchen table) using a dry-erase marker and it didn’t appear to work for them.

Once the secret is solved, all it needs is a good screenplay writer and we could be looking at the next big animated feature film. Get on it, Hollywood.


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