Build Your Own Singing Tesla Coil With This Cool DIY Kit

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With so much time spent at home this year, finding something fun to do can seem downright impossible. Countless puzzles have been assembled, the bookshelves have been dusted off and scoured, plus all that streaming content is starting to look the same. From cooking up creative new recipes to deep cleaning and expert-inspired organizing, there’s really not much left on the to-do list at this point. 

We’ve moved into the next phase of the at-home era. It’s time for a unique, stimulating and hands-on project that will get your mind going and keep you entertained. Enter the oneTeslaTS Musical Coil Kit, a DIY lover’s dream. Featuring the most advanced DRSSTC (that's dual-resonant solid-state) Tesla coil, you’ll enjoy a breathtaking experience from this awesome gadget. Whether you build your Tesla coil solo or make it a group project, you’re guaranteed hours of educational entertainment.


Top Technology at Play

oneTeslaTS utilizes the best tech to power up the musical coil. It features precision-made components, including a PCB-etched primary coil, machine-wound secondary, polished spun toroid and PCB chassis. Sturdy and reliable, it comes perfectly tuned right out of the box. Big things really do come in small packages; you’d never expect that sound to be coming from something that clocks in at only about 12" high once it’s fully assembled. Those bright bolts of electricity are no joke, either.

Tune Into an Impressive Performance

Once it’s built, you can forget about all the mainstream movies and uninspiring TV shows on your queue – you haven’t seen any performance quite like this one. The oneTeslaTS Musical Coil Kit boasts a robust design with DRSSTC topology enabling jaw-dropping musical capability. Massive 20-inch sparks dance alongside the powerful music, which you can manage using the controller and a MIDI input. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors wander out to hear this thing sing. Come to think of it, the musical Tesla coil does make for the perfect centerpiece at your next socially distant hang.

Enter The World of High Voltage

While the exciting performance is definitely the draw, we’d be remiss if we skipped over an equally engaging aspect of the oneTeslaTS Musical Coil Kit: building it. The comprehensive kit comes with all the bits and bobs you need to successfully construct your coil. It's also a learning experience: gain a deeper understanding of the principles of physics and electronics as you piece the components together (don’t worry, there’s a very helpful user manual available for download). 

Educational Fun for the Whole Family

If “I’m bored” is your family’s tagline these days, just wait until they get a peek at the musical coil kit. Not only is it sure to garner attention from your most discerning housemate, but it’s also mentally stimulating, a welcome change from the everyday monotony. Need to coax the kids off the couch? This gadget is a great way to get them interested in the world of engineering, and, who knows, it might even inspire them to start thinking about their next science fair project. 

The Reviews Are In

As Popular Science writes, “Tesla coils are popular for demonstrating wireless electrical transmission, nifty experiments...and ability to shoot bolts of lightning. Plus, you can modulate the coil's output to produce different tones and even play songs.” They also point out that some musical groups have even used Tesla coils during concerts, and while those are much larger, you can host your own show with this miniature version. 

Few tech toys really require this type of brainpower to put together, making this DIY kit particularly electrifying (pun intended). Right now, you can get the oneTeslaTS Musical Coil Kit for $399.99, down 11% from the original MSRP.

Prices subject to change.