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Every business needs a website. It not only builds credibility for your organization, but it is also a way to make the perfect first impression. In addition, a website gives you ownership and control over the content you want potential clients or customers to see. However, paying a web designer to build your site can be expensive. On top of that, how will you know for sure that they can deliver the vision you have in mind?

Finding the right web designer can be challenging, but what if we told you that you could build your own visually stunning and responsive site without needing to write a line of code? Impossible, you say? Never! You need to check out Blocs 4.


With the Complete Blocs Website Builder Bundle, you have access to all the tools, add-ons, overlays and page transitions you need to build the website you've dreamed of. Blocs 4 is a fast, intuitive visual web design software that works on the concept of stacking pre-built sections to generate a fully coded and responsive site. 

Here's what the bundle comes with. First, you'll get the entire Blocs 4 website builder experience, complete with features such as eCommerce and CMS integration, image protection and automatic sitemap generation. On top of that, the collection comes with add-ons, known as Brics, that enhance your website. For example, the Site Search Bric lets you add search functionality, while the Page Transition Bric offers stylish transitions. Lastly, the Image Overlay Bric gives you super cool image overlays. 

This highly-rated website builder comes with a 5-star rating on G2, 4.8 on Product Hunt, 4.55 on MacWorld and 4.05 on Mac update. So you know you are getting a product that has been tried and tested by people just like you. 

Creating your own beautiful, responsive website on your own terms has never been easier, thanks to Blocs 4. And right now, you can get the Complete Blocs Website Builder Bundle for $169.99 (reg. $395), or 70 percent off.


Prices subject to change.

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