Build Your Own Drone With This DIY Kit

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With warm weather coming, we’re thinking about all the fun outdoor activities we’ll get to enjoy sans-coat soon. If you’re into drones, you’re probably thinking what we’re thinking: it’s time to get a new model and get ready to explore the springtime skies. You could consult pages of online reviews and pick out a decent one on the web, or you could get something totally unique and equally powerful. 


Instead of spending a chunk of money on a mass-produced model, why not design and build your own? You can try out your handiwork with the DIY Drone Builder Kit, an instant hobby and budget-friendly buy that’s currently on sale for $29.98. 

Before the in-flight fun begins, you’ll put your drone together piece by piece – which is easier than it sounds. Start by drawing circuits on the drone arms with Circuit Scribe, an awesome pen that writes with silver conductive ink. Then, simply snap the hub and motors into place, and you’ll be all set to soar. 

Start flying via the integrated CS Pilot app, available for both iOS and Android. Once you take flight, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of it all through the built-in onboard camera – and you could capture some pretty incredible stuff. This drone features a WiFi range of 150 feet and a three-minute flight time. You’ll also have full manual joystick control, plus takeoff and landing modes. 

Flying a drone is cool and all, but building your own is even better. You can even share the experience with a friend, since this drone is rebuildable (no judgment if you just want to give it another whirl yourself!). Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to build the next crazy smart home device


Right now, you can get the DIY Drone Builder Kit for $29.98, down 69% from the original MSRP.

Prices subject to change.