Build And Code This AI Self-Driving Car For Less Than $110

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Self-driving vehicle technology is increasingly common these days, and that could actually reduce our energy consumption in a number of ways. And if this is the future of transportation, then what better way to develop a child’s AI skills than with a self-driving car?


It’s totally cool if they aren’t old enough to have a driver’s license. This tiny wheeled robot can be programmed to autonomously navigate a small road, just like a Tesla. With this DIY kit, children and adults alike will have all the components needed to build the car, while learning some new skills too. Better yet, you can save $11 with this limited-time discount through IFLScience, and get the Wheelson: Build & Code Your Own AI Self-Driving Car for just $107.99 (reg. $119).

The car has a camera with built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi so you can connect it to other devices wirelessly. Wheelson also has an LCD display that allows you to see what the robot is viewing. It’s powered by four small electromotors and there’s a rechargeable Li-Po battery included. Watch it in action:

Children can learn so much by assembling this four-wheeled robot. They’ll learn how computer vision works and how to calibrate the robot’s camera. They’ll know how to control an electromotor using a microcomputer, how autonomous cars work, and how to code the car to navigate a road autonomously using its camera. They can make a custom program in CircuitBlocks and allow it to recognize QR codes on the floor and flash the built-in RGB LED accordingly. They’ll explore built-in line tracking and objection recognition algorithms. 

Autonomous cars are the future, so give your kids a hands-on opportunity to see how they work. Order your Wheelson: Build & Code Your Own AI Self-Driving Car today for only $107.99, and save $11 with this special offer through IFLScience before it’s too late. 


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