Bring The Beauty Of Mars Into Your Home For Only $49.99

Get The Original 16-Color Mars Lamp for $49.99 (reg. $55), a discount of 9 percent.

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According to NASA, a trip to Mars would take you about seven months and about 300 million miles, and your spacecraft would be traveling at about 24,600mph. That’s a lot of travel time and an amazing speed travel. Traveling to Mars may not be in the cards for you or your family, but we’ve got a far more affordable option that will impress your family and friends and put Mars front-and-center in your home. 

The Original 16-Color Mars Lamp essentially is a way to bring the beauty and brilliance of Mars into your home. Featuring 16 original color tones to match your mood and your environment to create a wonderful ambience, the Mars Lamp has gone through a rigorous 26+ hours 3D printing process so you can actually experience an actual blueprint of Mars in your living space. 


Control your newest conversation piece via a remote to change, dim or fade the colors of your Mars lamp or simply enjoy the touch switch to operate your preferences on-demand. The Mars Lamp is rechargeable with the provided USB cable, which means it also offers a wireless viewing experience as well. 

If you’ve have a love of space, cutting-edge technology or simply love impressive home decor pieces, then the Mars Lamp will please you and your family. A trip to Mars may not be in the cards for you, but you can certainly experience Mars in your home every single day of the week with this enchanting lamp. 

Promised to please the senses and add a little magic to any space, the Mars Lamp makes a great centerpiece for all you dreamers out there. Let the countdown begin.  

Get The Original 16-Color Mars Lamp for $49.99 (reg. $55), a discount of 9 percent. 


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