Brighten Your Space With Bioluminescence For Only $59.99

Get The GrowPro System for $59.99 (reg. $69.99), a discount of 13 per cent.

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Two lightbulb-looking containers filled with blue glowing bioluminescent plankton.
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If you’ve been considering getting some houseplants to spruce up your living area, we have a better idea. Nature truly is miraculous, and for humans, it’s important we incorporate a little Mother Nature into our daily lives. So, while houseplants are a good idea, we suggest you give bioluminescent marine plankton a try. 

No idea what we are on about? No problem. PyroDinos are bioluminescent marine plankton that use light to grow—just like a plant. At night, you can experience the real magic of PyroDinos because when disturbed or shaken they light up a beautiful florescent blue. This system is rated an average of 5/5 stars by verified purchasers. 


The GrowPro System is the perfect starter kit for anyone looking to bring PyroDinos into their life. What’s more. The GrowPro Flasks provide the best environment for PyroDino maintenance and expansion. With this kit, you get 2 GrowPro Flasks, 1 PyroDino Spout Pouch, 1 DinoNutrients Spout Pouch and detailed care instructions. 

PyroDinos aren’t only a great option for your home, but make educational tools for classrooms and tutoring sessions. 

This holiday season, if you’ve been looking for something unique and special, this is the gift to give. One 5-star reviewer states, “Great concept!! Easy to assemble and lights grew brighter over time, from what I am told. It’s a great gift to give!”

Whether you are giving PyroDinos as a gift, or simply looking to invite Mother Nature into your home decor, The GrowPro System is a great place to start


Make sure you give your culture 8-12 hours of daylight, and then simply enjoy their luminous color at night. Consider PyroDinos to be your glow-in-the-dark aquarium that will impress your family and friends. 

Get The GrowPro System for $59.99 (reg. $69.99), a discount of 13 per cent. 

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