Brighten Your Future by Becoming an Electrical Engineer With the Help of This Expert-Led Training

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There's something that the fields of aerospace, nuclear, and computer technicians have in common. You see, they all require some technical understanding of electrical engineering. For some, this field may be but a stop on the road to something else. For others, this field may be where they dive deep and build special expertise.


Now is a great time to learn about electrical engineering, whether you're tech-phobic or space-obsessed. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can earn, on average, $101,250 a year as an electrical engineer. Also, it sees job growth. Sure, 3 percent doesn't sound as promising as other industries, but if you learn the proper skills and become an expert, you can definitely find a spot for yourself in a reliable career. 

How do you reach that level? Well, by learning the trade, of course. And there's an easier way than you might think. The Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle features 361 lessons over 13 courses that offer plenty on the subject. In fact, these courses are enough to secure you some certification in the area. At a 95% discount, this online training is a good investment for anyone interested in electrical engineering.

After all, you could wind up building dope-ass spaceships with that type of knowledge. NASA notes online that its electrical engineers are responsible for determining what risks solar storms could have on its infrastructure, as well as whether solar storms can damage solar arrays. It's serious stuff—and there's a market for it. If you've been obsessed with the new Netflix show Away, you know what's on the line when something goes wrong with solar arrays.

These courses could bring you one step closer to realizing whatever your dream is around electrical engineering. Through the Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle, you'll learn the basics. The first course, Basic Concepts & Basic Laws of Electric Circuits, breaks down the foundation of all you'll be working on: electric circuits. This is great for those students who have zero background on this stuff. It'll cover the laws of electricity and explain how those circuits work.


The bundle gets into more complex topics, too. Once you've got electric circuits covered—which is the focus of three courses—you'll learn about electrical machines. These are much more complicated than any single circuit. Machines, of course, include several circuits to make the machine operate and serve whatever function it's built to. Fundamentals of Induction Machines in Electrical Machines is a class that breaks down the induction motor, another part of these machines. The course will include examples of different motors and give you some simulations, too.

Our electronics, however, are more than motors and circuits. They're also often made up of inverters, switches, and generators. Not sure what that means? By the time you get through these courses, you won't be guessing anymore. Other courses include Fundamentals of Synchronous Machines for Electrical Engineering and Fundamentals of Inverters in Power Electronics.

Electric engineering is a promising field. All STEM fields are these days, but humans will always need electricity. If you go into the fields of space or clean energy, you may find yourself at an advantage as we all try to figure out how to improve our world and find other worlds altogether. The Electrical & Circuits Engineering Certification Bundle is a worthy investment for those curious about the field. The 95% discount is a steal, too. Get the certification bundle now while it's on sale for just $59.99.

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