You're More Likely To Dismiss Someone's Argument If You Read It On Social Media, Study Suggests

Someone's argument is much more likely to appear reasonable when they express it to you in person. FGC/Shutterstock

It is no secret that in recent times political views have become more and more polarized and extreme. The researchers think this might be related to how we source our information, although research from earlier this year points out that social media cannot be blamed as the main cause.

“Many people receive the majority of their news from social media now,” explained Schroeder. “This can be dehumanizing, and may increase polarization. It’s easy to imagine how this could become cyclical; dehumanization leading to more polarization leading to more dehumanization.”  

So next time you feel the urge to angrily reply to someone’s comment on social media, take a deep breath and imagine someone you know saying it to you, because it might make it seem just a tad more human.


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