21 GIFs That Explain Mathematical Concepts

Lucas V. Barbosa via Wikimedia Commons

Elise Andrew 26 Aug 2014, 20:28

Exterior angles of polygons will ALWAYS add up to 360 degrees:

Via: math.stackexchange

If you’re studying trig, you better get pretty comfortable with circles. Check out this visualization that shows what you’re really looking at when you deal with pi:

Via: imgur

If an arc of a circle is the same length as its radius, the resulting angle is one radian:

Via: Wikimedia Commons

Visualizing sine (red) on the Y axis and cosine (blue) on the X axis. The relative position of the circle is shown in black:

Via: imgur

This shows the same thing, but a bit more simply:

Via: reddit

Here’s how sine and cosine apply to triangles:

Via: imgur

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