Making Eye Contact With Your Baby Causes Your Brainwaves To Synchronize

N'aww. Yuganov Konstantin/Shutterstock

This shows that babies’ brainwaves aren’t just syncing up whenever they see something familiar; rather, it’s directly linked with an urge to communicate.

Neat though this may be, it’s still not entirely clear why this synchronization occurs, nor what triggers it on a neurological level. The EEG wasn’t as precise as the researchers wanted it to be, which meant that they couldn’t properly pinpoint exactly where in the brain the electrical signals were emerging from.

At this point, it’s entirely uncertain whether the same reaction works with adult men/fathers and young infants.

The team was also keen to note that these matching brainwaves aren’t examples of something more esoteric. “We’re certainly not claiming to have discovered telepathy!” co-author Dr Sam Wass, an experimental psychologist at Cambridge, said in a statement.

Either way, this study ends by suggesting that this mother-child synchronicity may be how “infants construct their own earliest social networks.”

So unless you spend all your time as a parent averting your gaze from your offspring, you’re doing something remarkable just by being around.

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