How Evil Are You? This Quiz Will Rank You On The "Dark Triad" Of Personality Traits

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Many psychologists believe in a “dark triad” of personality traits that lurk within our minds. These traits include Machiavellianism (the desire to manipulate and control others), narcissism (a self-centeredness and high opinion of self), and psychopathy (a lack of empathy or remorse).

This online test from BBC Future allows you to assess just how wicked your personality might be by looking at how much you agree with statements associated with this dark triad. Although it’s unlikely to reveal you're a full-scale Patrick Bateman, it gives an interesting insight into how psychologists study these traits.

The quiz uses the theories and methods from a study by psychologists Daniel Jones and Delroy Paulhus, which looked at techniques to measure this dark triad of characteristics.

You'll get given 27 statements which you'll rate on a slide measure depending on how strongly you agree or disagree with the statement. At the end of the test, which should take less than five minutes, you’ll get you a rating on how devilishly dastardly you are.

image credit: Screenshot BBC Future

image credit: Screenshot BBC Future

Check out the quiz here on the BBC website.


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