Here's How To Give Yourself An Orgasm Using Only Your Mind

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Ben Taub 03 Mar 2018, 17:52

What’s Going On In The Body?

Beverly Whipple, who co-authored the study on women who could think themselves to orgasm, told IFLScience that in terms of physiology, “there was really no difference between the orgasm from imagery alone and the orgasm from self-stimulation.”

In both cases, the sympathetic nervous system – which prepares the body for action by accelerating heart rate, among other things – became activated.

The sympathetic nervous system is part of the autonomic nervous system, which means it is mostly automatic and can’t be voluntary controlled, although there are certain techniques for increasing one’s ability to consciously influence its activity and boost the chances of experiencing an orgasm.

In one study, a group of women were asked to hyperventilate, which leads to an increase in muscle tension, heart rate, and several other processes controlled by the sympathetic nervous system. While this was going on, researchers measured their vaginal arousal using something called a photoplethysmograph, and found that this too increased as the sympathetic nervous system became activated.

Studies have also revealed how meditation leads to an increased capacity to voluntarily control the sympathetic nervous system, so practicing this ancient Eastern technique could well be your best bet if you want to train both the body and the brain to enter an orgasmic state at your command.

Ultimately, however, it seems that some people are just more naturally tuned to their genitals, and while Whipple says that it is theoretically possible to learn to give yourself an orgasm using only your mind, she concedes that “I can’t say how easy it is or how it is done”. It’s worth noting, though, that none of the women in her study claimed to have achieved an orgasm by thinking of England.

Meditation can lead to greater control of the autonomic nervous system. Gornostay/Shutterstock


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