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Get CrowPi2 All-in-1 Raspberry Pi & STEM Learning Platform (Basic Kit) for $319.99 (reg. $329.98), a discount of 3 per cent.

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If you’ve been thinking about a career change, you should consider something like a STEM career. What is STEM? We thought you’d never ask. STEM is an acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. STEM training has been in huge demand for the last decade, and it is only expected to grow—which is exactly why you need to get yourself started on the STEM track. And, we’ve got the perfect all-in-one STEM solution that will meet your needs and get you started on the right career path. 

The CrowPi2 All-in-1 Raspberry Pi & STEM Learning Platform (Basic Kit) is the perfect STEM choice with self-developed software for learning Scratch, Python, AI and much more. If you’ve every thought of building a computer with a Raspberry Pi or write code easily and quickly, then you need the CrowPi2. CrowPi2 is equipped with an 11.6” screen, stereo sound, 2 Megapixels camera and a detachable keyboard. This all-in-one STEM learning station combines Raspberry Pi, a range of common sensors and independently developed software so you can learn everything about building, coding and creating. 


What can you do with CrowPi2? You can set it up as a laptop, engineer your own electronic projects, understand DIY circuits, play games, watch videos, measure distance, make a piano with using fruits, face and speech recognition. What’s more, CrowPi is sold as three different kits depending on your needs. You can be a beginner, advanced learner or go for the deluxe—the world of STEM is really at your fingertips. 

Boost your career options and earning potential or just pursue a long awaited hobby in engineering, coding and hardware creation. With CrowPi2, the options are endless. 

Get CrowPi2 All-in-1 Raspberry Pi & STEM Learning Platform (Basic Kit) for $319.99 (reg. $329.98), a discount of 3 per cent. 

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