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Big data is simply that — data that is big; so big, in fact, that traditional data processing software just can't manage it. It’s logical, of course, that with the ever-increasing number of users, the advent of IoT (the Internet of Things) and cloud computing that the amount of data that is being generated is overwhelming, yet can contain crucial information that can change how a company operates its business.

Here is your opportunity to learn more about the world of big data and potentially start a whole new career. For a limited time, The 2022 Ultimate Big Data Certification Bundle is on sale for just $24.99 (reg. $2000). 


Every time you send a text, tweet, like a photo, set up a video chat or buy anything online, you leave a trail of data behind. And it’s not just you. Your digital assistant, your smart TV, your wearable health monitors  — any of the myriad of technological devices that are now a part of our everyday lives are transmitting information. Unbelievably, our current output of data is roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes a day. It is this information that organizations gather in order to make strategic decisions about such things as product development, customer experience, operational issues, supply chains, and so much more.

It stands to reason then that the demand for data scientists and data engineers is high. According to LinkedIn, by 2026 there will be over 11 million jobs in the sector with not nearly enough qualified people to fill the positions. The average salary in the United States tops $130,000.

If this all sounds appealing, this bundle can be your foray into the field. With 10 courses, rated from 4/5 to 4.9/5 stars, each with a particular focus on software development and data visualization through computer programs and hardware, libraries and a variety of tools, you will develop a solid understanding of the workings of big data.

When going through, you will learn coding and algorithm basics with Python Turtle,  building smart security cameras with Raspberry Pi and implementing basic machine learning techniques with the Pandas library.


Taught by the Zenva Academy, a world-class e-learning platform whose goal is to provide students with the skills they need for the innovation economy, unlimited access to the The 2022 Ultimate Big Data Certification Bundle can be yours for only $24.99 (reg. $2,000). 

Prices subject to change.

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