Becoming Bilingual In The Job Market Can Make You A Hot Commodity

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You just learned from a prospective employer that you lost out on getting that job you so yearned for. It seems it was down to two of you equally qualified, but the other candidate had an edge: They could speak another language. Employers appreciate bilingual individuals as they could help the business itself and because of what it says about the employee.


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According to a study conducted by the New American Economy in 2017, the demand for bilingual workers in the United States had doubled from the previous five years. Given the increase in multiculturism in the country in general, and in the global economy specifically, combined with the ever-growing capability of employees being able to conduct their job from pretty much any computer in the world, we have to believe that statistic continues to climb.

The benefits that a company reaps from having an employee converse in more than one language are numerous. Dealing with international markets becomes easier. Businesses can tailor customer service to deal with issues in the caller’s native language. Networking across borders improves market potential and an increased client base.

While your language skills are a definite advantage for your employer, they can also boost your own well-being. Not only does it improve your chances of landing a better job and increasing your earning power, being bilingual can boost your brainpower, enhance your creativity and even help to stave off dementia.


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