Become An Indie Game Developer For Just $15 With This Expert Led Training Bootcamp

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Did you know that playing video games is actually good for your brain? It’s true: research proves that gamers have shown improved perception, attention and cognition. If engaging in a game triggers such a cognitive response, just imagine what creating one can do. All that to say, if you’ve ever thought about creating your own video game, this is your time to shine. 


With the right teacher, you can put your gaming experience to work and create your very own, whether you want to monetize it or just enjoy it with your friends. Get all the info you need in the Build a Bundle: Learn Game Development (20 Courses) for a limited time deal of $15. Learn game development with help from Zenva Academy, the e-learning platform trusted by over 400,000 students. Plus, the instructor of these courses is rated 4.4 out of 5, so you know you’re in good hands. 

While it might not be quite as easy as gaming, building your own game is certainly as strategic. You’ll find that out with 334 lectures and 28 hours of content, which are available to you on-demand 24/7. You’ll learn all the industry-leading platforms, including the Godot, Unity and Unreal engines. 

The courses are designed to teach you to create 20 different projects, so you won’t be tied into just one niche. From micro-strategy and mobile road crossing to arcade-style and 2D math games, you’ll be equipped to create classic games with your own personal style. Beyond that, these skills can translate into building other timely products, like programming smart security cameras and JavaScript apps.

Speaking of going above and beyond, this course pack includes a few more general coding lessons, like courses on Python, a leading programming language. Having skills in Python can open doors to work that goes way beyond game development. 


Consider this your fast-track to success as far as game development goes. Right now, you can get the Build a Bundle: Learn Game Development (20 Courses) at $15, down 84% from the original MSRP.

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