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Are you managing data for your job? Or maybe you run your own small business? If so you probably use Excel, and while we all know about Microsoft's famous spreadsheet program, there are tons of features and functions that most have no idea about! You can take your Excel skills to the next level with lifetime access to the Microsoft Excel + Advanced Excel Bundle, now on sale for only $19.99 (reg. $690)!

Even though we are getting closer to quantum computing every day, for those of us not living in the future, data management still needs to happen the old fashioned way and that's where Excel comes in handy. With the Microsoft Excel + Advanced Excel Bundle, you'll learn the tips and tricks to make Excel work for you! There are 48 hours of content that goes through Excel from basic to advanced including making a sheet, popular formulas like VLOOKUP, PivotTables, advanced graphs, automation through macros and more! 


Created by Excel With Business, this bundle was designed for the average businessperson in mind. Too many Excel courses become bloated with things that just aren't relevant, so the three founders came up with their own! Slimming down their course to what is business-relevant, Excel with Business designed a course that delivers just what you need in less time than ever! With 60% of reviews on TrustPilot rated 5 stars, Excel With Business has won over customers. One user even wrote, "I like the way the course is set out so it's easy to find certain functions quickly when I need to reference a particular subject. I also like that the course is written and then a demo is provided. I find it much easier to learn by visual and auditory when combined so this works for me."

With our sale, a lifetime of access to the Microsoft Excel + Advanced Excel Bundle is only $19.99. Act fast though because this sale won't last much longer!

Prices subject to change.

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