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Blockchain is one of those hot topics that everyone talks about, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a member of the general public that really understands how it works. Blockchain technology is basically as complex as it gets, but with the right information, expert instructors and real-world examples, mastering cryptocurrency is possible for anyone. 

The Complete Blockchain & Ethereum Programmer Bundle provides the ultimate education, from the theoretical basics to the initial coin offering. Explore the 10 highly-rated courses (totaling 812 lessons) designed to teach, reinforce and put theories into practice. 


Get A Handle on the Blockchain Basics

Learn the main concepts of Blockchain in the simplest terms with The Complete Blockchain Professional Course. Over 150 lessons provide a deep education on the fundamentals of Blockchain, including how it is utilized across a variety of industries. It’s crucial knowledge for your first foray into the crypto world.

Once you’ve laid the foundation, move onto courses like The Complete Guide to Blockchain Use Cases. This interactive class is designed to help you retain and practice what you learn with quizzes throughout the modules. 

Understanding Blockchain and Hyperledger

Starting with the basics, the Blockchain Programming with Hyperledger course teaches Blockchain programming and how to develop a supply chain application using Hyperledger Composer. You’ll also get an understanding of how to use Hyperledger IDEs and work with Hyperledger Composer Playground. 

The Complete Hyperledger Fabric Fundamentals Course is just that – a compilation of 32 video lectures covering the core concepts of Hyperledger Fabric Technology and how it is used in real-life situations.

Cryptocurrency Courses

Not sure where to start on the cryptocurrency front? Take your cue from an expert in The Complete Cryptocurrency Course. Led by Chris Haroun, an award-winning MBA professor and top-selling author, this course provides an education on the mining of and investing in different cryptocurrencies. Make sure to test your knowledge with the included 30 comprehensive exercises. 

For those looking to make money with low overhead, The Beginner's Guide to Cryptocurrency Mining offers insights into a mining system that requires no affiliate marketing and low startup costs. You can even earn up to $1,000 a month through mining collaboration.

Dive deeper into this intricate ecosystem in the course titled Cryptocurrency Trading: Complete Guide To Trading Altcoins. Here’s where you’ll explore cryptocurrency trading on a practical level, with step-by-step instructions from a trader's perspective. Learn as you witness live trades and gain the know-how and confidence to open your own trades by the time the course is finished. Plus, learn about initial coin offerings and how to protect your cryptocurrencies from being hacked. 

An Education in Ethereum

Ethereum is a “global, open-source platform for decentralized applications'' where users write code to control digital value. The course titled Ethereum Developer: Build A Decentralised Blockchain App underscores the basics of Blockchain and Ethereum before diving into more complex topics like Solidity 3 and Truffle 2. Lesson topics include how to write a complete distributed application using Angular. 


Get an in-depth look at the platform’s inner workings with the Ethereum Blockchain Developer: Build Projects Using Solidity course. Get a blueprint for building your own projects, learn to use core development tools such as Ethereum Studio, Geth and Mist, plus get tips to debug your decentralized application. 

Finally, take the Ethereum Developer Masterclass: Build Real World Projects for insights on how to launch an initial coin offering and build a decentralized exchange on Blockchain using Solidity. These lessons guide you to build your own decentralized exchange and deploy it to Rinkeby-Testnet.

Right now, you can get The Complete Blockchain & Ethereum Programmer Bundle for $29, down 98% from the original MSRP.

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