Bask In Your Own Personal Moonbeams With This Pre-Black Friday Savings

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Space: the Final Frontier... Well, the best we can do is the Moon for now. Still, it's a fascinating phenomenon that many of us really don’t know much about. For example, did you know the Moon makes the earth move and controls our tides? How about that the Moon was made when a large rock smashed into the Earth? The moon is thought to be about 4.53 billion years old — that’s pretty incredible when you think about it!


And, lastly, the moon’s surface is actually dark. Yup — it has absolutely no light, but thanks to the Sun, we see the Moon illuminated in its magnificence nearly every night. And, for those cloudy nights when you can’t see the Moon? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution: the Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp. 

The picturesque Moon Lamp has been crafted to perfection using NASA 3D images. It's a multipurpose light and speaker that promises to keep you mesmerized every evening, night after night. Boasting a 360-degree beam angle, this dimmable moonlight promises to cast light wherever you need it, whether for relaxing on the couch or creating a little “moon” lighting. Either way, it’s got you covered. 

Capture the lunar magic and pair it with any of your devices that are Bluetooth compatible so you can listen to music or podcasts whenever you want. Designed by experts, the Moon Lamp has been perfectly crafted through a 26-hour printing process so you can experience the Moon close up and see for yourself just how spectacular it really is. 

It doesn't end there! From white to yellow, you have 3 color choices to choose from to set the perfect mood, and the long battery life (30 hours) promises to keep you illuminated for as long as you need.


Get The Original Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Moon Lamp for $62.16 with code SAVE15NOV.  

Prices subject to change.