Babbel Makes Mastering Language Learning Easy — And It’s 60% Off

Master a new language with the Babbel Language Learning app.

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Did you know that in addition to capturing innumerable selfies and pictures of your meals, your iPhone camera works as a translator, too? While the march of technology is truly marvelous, we all know innovation and easy access to a software boost are no substitute for actual knowledge. So if you want to really know and understand a foreign language, you have to roll up your sleeves, do the work and learn it.

Of course, nobody wants that pursuit to take forever. But, with the Babbel Language Learning app, learners can trim the entire process of getting conversant in a new language down to as little as 21 days. That’s because, as one of the world’s foremost language instruction apps, Babbel knows what’s important and how to get learners there quickly.


From over 13,000 hours of course curriculum assembled by more than 150 linguistic experts and instructors, Babbel has crafted a proven method for making language acquisition happen. Once you’ve chosen your language of choice from 14 possible options, Babbel’s immersive approach begins immediately. 

Through 10-minute lessons that can fit into any busy day, native speakers help guide learners through bite-sized training that covers the topics ordinary people discuss. For example, courses on travel, dining, family and more help learners round up keywords around that topic, then start forming phrases and complete sentences. Then, through actual spoken practice with those native speakers, small pieces of a new language start falling into place, with future lessons building off that foundation.

Along with that real-world experience, Babbel’s proprietary speech recognition technology takes that learning to the next level, assessing your spoken word proficiency during each conversation. If your accent isn’t right or your speech isn’t quite measuring up, Babbel will let you know and offer review material to keep you on track to avoid picking up any bad habits.

Right now, you can access Babbel’s primary package of training in all 14 of the world’s most popular languages for a savings of 60% off the regular price while this offer lasts, only until 12/2.


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