Babbel Can Reshape Your World One Language at a Time – And Right Now, It's Up to 60 Percent Off

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You've heard it from us before, so it's probably no surprise that you're hearing it again. Language quite literally changes your view of the world.

Many bilingual and multilingual speakers report feeling like a different person while using each of their different languages. That offers credence to the long-held belief that exposure to a new language changes your perception of yourself and your environment.


Seeing the world in a new way is a gift in itself, but learning to speak in a different tongue has all the traditional benefits as well. This brain training keeps the mind nimble and more elastic, working to help delay the usual signs of cognitive aging and the onset of age-related degenerative disorders such as dementia or Alzheimer's by as much as five years.

Considering all that, signing on for access to the Babbel Language Learning App isn't just a commitment to improving your communication skills; it’s a way to help keep your brain the finely tuned machine that it is today.

Created by a team of linguistic and teaching experts – and proven to work by academics from Yale University, City University of New York, Michigan State University, and others – over 10 million users around the globe have made the Babbel method one of the world's most popular and trusted language learning systems.

With a Babbel subscription, users select one of 14 Babbel languages – from Spanish and French to Indonesian or Swedish – to get started. Rather than focusing on robotic memorization drills and arcane grammar rules, Babbel's intuitive system hones in on getting new learners ready to carry on real-life conversations.


Through 10-minute lessons that can slide easily into anyone's schedule, each topic reinforces an easy-to-remember point, all based on building your ability to hold a conversation in your new language and about the kinds of subjects most of us would need to know. So, for example, vocabulary around shopping or travel and dining turns into short phrases, then complete sentences, then dialogues with Babbel's native-speaking instructors.

From app-based lessons to games, videos, podcasts, and even live onlnine classes with real teachers, Babbel presents this language education in such a unique way. The Babbel method also utilizes cutting-edge technology to refine those conversational skills. With its proprietary speech recognition algorithm, Babbel listens to the words and phrases each student uses, assesses their performance, then contours future lessons to offer the extra help a student needs, from vocabulary and sentence construction to pronunciation.

Backed with over 8,500 hours of learning materials, Babbel is so sure of their method that they think your 10-minutes' worth of lessons per day could have you speaking confidently in your new language in as little as three weeks

"Great app for learning any language," user George reported on Trustpilot. "I'm currently learning Spanish, and I'm confident that with Babbel, I will be able to learn other languages fast and easy too."


Understand a new culture, discover its people, and learn a language that speaks to you while earning up to 60 percent off a Babbel subscription now.

Prices are subject to change.

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