Amazon Releases AI Tool So You Can Finally Hear Dialogue In Movies

There's nothing better than cranking up the volume during a talking scene, just to lose all hearing to an explosion.


Jack Dunhill


Jack Dunhill

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Social Media Coordinator and Staff Writer

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Sometimes this is the only solution when an actor whispers. Image credit: SvetaZi/

Rejoice, all ye people who can’t hear any dialogue in modern movies – Amazon has a new tool to fix it. Amazon’s new tool, called “Dialogue Boost”, supposedly uses AI to boost the sound when people are talking, allowing you to finally understand all that whispering that comes right after 20 minutes of explosions. 

For some reason, it feels like an increasing problem with modern movies in which action scenes are volume standardized to dialogue scenes, making it almost impossible to make out what some actors are saying. Compound this with a difficult accent or a husky whisper, and we’ve all ended up rewinding to try and catch that important plot point (or Google what they said, which I have shamefully done once or twice). 


Dialogue Boost is a tool that will be available on certain Prime Video content, and will use AI to isolate dialogue within a given scene and allow you to raise its volume when required. Not only that, but it will also “intelligently” raise dialogue volume to make it clearer during points where background noise is higher. 

It is designed specifically for people with hearing loss, but can be used by anyone to personalize volume levels. 

Amazon claim they are the first streaming platform to offer this technology.  

"At Prime Video, we are committed to building an inclusive, equitable, and enjoyable streaming experience for all our customers,” said Raf Soltanovich, VP of Technology at Prime Video and Amazon Studios, in a statement.  


“Our library of captioned and audio described content continues to grow, and by leveraging our technological capabilities to create industry-first innovations like Dialogue Boost, we are taking another step to create a more accessible streaming experience.” 

It will only be available on certain movies and TV shows for now, so look out for it in the cog icon menu where other audio settings can be tweaked.  


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