Add AI & Python Skills To Your Resume With These eBooks

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It’s no secret that IT jobs are in high demand right now, with companies of all sizes searching for qualified pros across computer science specialties. That search has expanded from college grads with degrees in this particular subject to include those individuals that choose to take online courses and strengthen specific skills. From Python to C# and JavaScript, many of the in-demand roles require the kind of expertise you can learn via virtual and on-demand courses.


This acknowledgment reinforces the value of The Complete AI & Python Development eBook Bundle, which is currently up for a pay-what-you-want deal. Complete with 15 eBooks, the content goes deep into programming must-knows, from AI and Python to TensorFlow and beyond.  

These eBooks are ideal for novices just getting started in Python. Get the basics down, from the fundamentals to data structures, and get an intro to topics like inheritance, binary search tree (BST) and NumPy. Visual learners will especially enjoy the 13 video tutorials that dive deeper into NumPy Arrays and Pandas (plus a video covering Google Colaboratory as well). 

Even if you think you understand AI, the expert lessons on artificial intelligence are not to be missed. Get a deeper understanding of how to solve common AI problems, both with computers and with your own critical thinking skills. You’ll also have access to a playability site, where you can get hands-on experience for developing solutions to the Rubik’s Cube, twelve-coin problems and more. 

Developed by Mercury Learning, a provider of professional print and digital STEM content, the content here is designed to help you understand Python programming, game development, machine learning and artificial intelligence, so you’ll have dedicated content on all those fronts. Aspiring programmers, this is your chance to learn all the employable skills in deep learning and TensorFlow, too. 


Employers are looking for candidates with strong skills in these industry-leading concepts, programs and languages. Become qualified enough to get the best offer out there with help from this bundle – and who knows what else you could create with your new AI and Python skills?

Right now, you can pay what you want for The Complete AI & Python Development eBook Bundle, compared to the original MSRP of $554. 

Prices subject to change.