Dreamscope App Uses Deep Dream By Google To Create More Surreal Horror Art

All eyes on Pluto. Made using Dreamscope App.

In 2005, Google gave us Google Maps. In 2007, it gave us Gmail. In 2015, it gave us nightmares in the form of a robot’s dreams.

Last month, Google unleashed artificial surrealism in the form of Deep Dream, a code that shows how artificial neural networks analyze images by layers and classify them.

The resulting pathways gave the final image a trippy overlay of eyes, animals and eerie creatures, which Google encouraged the Internet to share by releasing Deep Dream as an open source package. "It'll be interesting to see what imagery people are able to generate," Google's engineers said on its blog.



Making the beautiful horrors easier to create wherever you are, Dreamscope is an app that you can use to Deep Dream your images and share the scary art.

Why does it love eyes so much!?

[H/T: Huffington Post]


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