From Acne To Pregnancy, Here's Every "Preexisting Condition" That Could Get You Denied Insurance Under Trump's New Healthcare Bill

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Under the ACA

One of the critical parts of the ACA was prohibiting health insurers from denying coverage or charging more for people with preexisting conditions. That went into effect starting in 2014, and it's still the case.

That means that if you had any of that litany of conditions listed above (let's say asthma), you still could have the same insurance as someone who managed to have a clean bill of heath, and someone who is a cancer survivor, pregnant, or obese. 

How preexisting conditions could return

The version of the AHCA that just passed the House includes the MacArthur amendment which can allow states to avoid some of the regulations the ACA imposed. That policy, experts argue, could weaken the regulations around preexisting conditions.

Republicans, on the other hand, argue that the bill protects those with preexisting conditions.

"The amendment is very clear: Under no circumstance can people be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition," House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a release.

But the difference between being denied coverage and not being able to afford coverage is the gray area that has people concerned.

"The various patchwork solutions offered by lawmakers would still leave the millions of patients we represent, who have serious and chronic health conditions, at risk of not being able to access life-saving treatments and care," a group of 10 patient advocacy organizations said in a release Wednesday.

The bill now has to pass the Senate, and Senate Republicans has signaled potentially scrapping the House's bill and coming up with one of their own.

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