Bill Gates Launches New Report To Track The Incredible Progress We Have Made In Improving Global Health

Much work has been done to improve the rates of child stunting in Peru. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

As world leaders prepare to gather for the UN General Assembly in New York, the Gates Foundation has launched a new report that will track global health. "Goalkeepers" will highlight the astonishing progress that has been made, while at the same time warn that all this can be undone if our eye is taken off the ball.

The new report takes a slightly different approach than most conventional papers that have come before. Rather than simply focusing on the hard facts and data about the prevalence and death toll from particular diseases and situations, it looks instead at the leaders, approaches, and innovations that have helped us achieve these advances in global health.

“What we’re trying to do here is a bit novel,” explains Bill Gates in a conference call. “We’re trying to document the incredible progress, including on key things like poverty and different disease areas, and we’re trying to look forward and see what the possibilities are.”

One of the most important messages is that while there has been stunning progress made among the global community to tackle health and poverty, serious challenges remain. That means continued progress well into the future is far from guaranteed. Gates stresses that many people simply aren’t aware of how fragile this upward trend is, and that if things falter or stall, the progress made so far can go backwards.

“One example we give is in HIV. If we had a 10 percent cut in the funding, we’d have 5 million more deaths by 2030,” says Gates.

Progress is not inevitable, and needs to be maintained. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
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