Incredible “Ship Graveyard” Discovered In Black Sea Features 2,500 Years Of Perfectly Preserved Ships

A photogrammetric model of their final discovery of 2017, a 2,000-year-old Roman ship showing mast, tillers, and rope still attached. Black Sea MAP

Luckily, below around 150 meters (492 feet), the Black Sea is anoxic, meaning the organisms that usually feast on anything organic cannot survive because there is little light or oxygen, so many of the ships are in surprisingly excellent condition.

“There's one medieval trading vessel where the towers on the bow and stern are pretty much still there,” Ed Parker, CEO of Black Sea MAP, said. “It's as if you are looking at a ship in a movie, with ropes still on the deck and carvings in the wood."

Photogrammetric model of a ship dated back to the Ottoman period. (c) Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz

Despite the excitement garnered by such a find, the team is keeping the locations of the ships secret to protect them while they study them. It wasn’t that long ago that the earliest human skeleton in the Americas was discovered by amateur divers, only for them to put it on social media and by the time excited scientists turned up it had been stolen

Luckily, these researchers had a television crew, one who has previously worked on the BBC's incredible David Attenborough-led Blue Planet, follow them through the three-year project. The incredible findings will be coming to a TV near you soon. 

Photogrammetric model of a Byzantine wreck with one of the ROVs. (c) Rodrigo Pacheco-Ruiz


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