This Optical Illusion Will Completely Mess With Your Sense Of Perspective

Glen Lewis-Steele/Vimeo

These mind-melting light shades are like something straight out of M.C. Escher's imagination.

The handmade hanging lights, called "Lee Lights," were designed by Glen Lewis-Steele. Along with seeming to change their positioning as you move around them, the lamps also give the impression of being three-dimensional cubes. However, once viewed from behind, you can see that they are simply imposters playing with your sense of perception. 

This is just another example of how easy it is to dupe our brains. Without any sense of depth perception for our vision and cognitive function to work with, we find it nearly impossible to get a sense of perspective in order to discern the actual shape of the object. It’s a similar process to Brusspup’s YouTube videos that warp your sense of perspective and depth.





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